I visited 6 schools in the Concord/Pleasant Hill area and this was heads and shoulders above the rest. My daughter has been attending for 8 months and is in Ms. Martha’s class.

She had a very rough transition at first because she had just turned 2 and had been staying home with me since birth. All of the teachers and Ms. Marzi were so loving and helpful with her when she was upset. Ms. Rachel would pick her up and “distract” her by showing her a bug (my daughter loves bugs) or by walking her around to look at things or to see her classmates. Ms. Marzi would come right over to be sure my daughter felt happy and comfortable.

I love how everyone greets us with a smile and a “good morning” at drop off. There is an incredibly welcoming, warm vibe to the place. I am happy that it’s limited to the 2 classrooms, because all of the children get to know each other. I like that there is time for all the kids to play together on the playground.

Ms. Martha is incredible. My daughter is starting to learn phonics and loves all the little projects (“work”). She can’t stop talking about what “job” she did that day (calendaring, water plants, storyteller, rug monitor) and now likes to help with little chores around the house. She is always singing new songs and I’m amazed by how much her vocabulary is expanding. My daughter loves Ms. Martha!

Ms. Rachel is very organized and friendly. She clearly knows how to challenge each child to their level and gives each individual attention.

Ms. Marzi is an approachable, responsive and attentive director. She is really amazing with all the kids, loving and patient. She always has a smile on her face and talks to the children in a warm and positive tone.

Most of the other schools we looked at didn’t have lunchtime at school for part-time. My daughter has learned so many great table manners sitting with her friends. I like that I get to pack her lunch so I select what she’s eating. The morning snacks the school provides are always healthy and fresh (they even got her to eat broccoli!!).

I love all the events this school has for the families- cultural night, graduation night, mother’s day tea. All the families we’ve met through these events have been very friendly.

The parent-teacher conferences have been a great way to connect with my child’s teacher and learn what she is working on. I love the progress report we get every other month or so.

They did a program where the kids would get new books to borrow every week. My daughter loved reading all the new books and it was a good reminder about how important it is to read to her every day.

I also love that they had a dentist come visit and talk to the kids. Brushing my child’s teeth got a lot easier after that day! They recently also had someone come to check their vision. Really great!

I can’t say enough about how much we love this school! J.J Concord