our oldest daughter has been at Step By Step since she was three. She’s now 5 and going to Kindergarten in the fall and we have nothing but great things to say about the school, the facilities, the teachers, and the friends both my daughter and I have met there. My youngest (turning 3) will be starting here in the Fall as well – I can’t imagine taking her anywhere else. The teachers are very attentive to the needs of the children as well as to the parents. If you ever need something or have a question you can talk right to the teacher or the Director. It’s very re-assuring to have a strong relationship with the people who your children spend so much time with! Other reviewers hit the nail right on the head when they explained how this school offers ample amount of academics while still allowing our little ones to just be kids. This preschool has been invaluable for our daughter and I am excited for my youngest to benefit from the school as well. The teachers have such loving and tender ways of teaching and the kids all adore being there. There are multiple events at the school throughout the year that really offer a sense of community for the school. A great example is today, my girls and I are headed to a Mother’s Day Tea held at the school. It’s the sweetest thing! I could go on and on about our wonderful experiences here! LenDee Q. Concord