The Patience They Display With Each Child!

First I would like to say “Thank You” to the teachers at Step By Step Montessori School for taking wonderful care of our children for the last three years. I would like to acknowledge all the hard work and preparation the teachers do daily, not to mention the patience they display with each child. I am impressed with the positive way they are able to channel the children’s energy to guide them to learn skills preparing them for kindergarten and more! Lana looked forward to going to school everyday! The beginning years are so important, and I am happy we have entrusted our precious children in a unique learning environment. We will always remember how you touched their lives as they step onto the next phase of their journey:) We will miss you! Take care & God Bless. Theresa Valdez and Family.

Bright, Clean, and Organized

As soon as I walked in to the school I knew it was the place for my daughter. It was bright, clean, and organized. I checked out several schools and none compared to Step By Step. The teachers, Ms. Martha, Ms. Rachel and Ms. Marzi are warm, welcoming and very respectful. The kids have free choice of “work”, and being that my girl is very independent and strong minded this works out well. I love that they use redirection and correction rather than time-outs and shame for discipline. The classrooms are full of educational opportunities and the backyard is a wonderful safe playground setting. The children are free to choose the sandbox, bikes, the slides, balls and other outside activities. The schedule includes outside play several times a day. I highly recommend Ms. Marzi’s Step By Step preschool.K P. Concord

An All Round preschool!

Picking a pre-school for your child can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. It’s their first experience in school and away from us, and we want to make sure that our little ones are in good hands. I can honestly say, Step by Step understands how important this is for every parent and has made the transition for all of us easier than what we thought. Step by Step has proven to be the best school in the area.

Our daughter has been at Step by Step for almost three years now and have found it to be a wonderful experience. She was just barely three years old and we were worried about how she would adjust to being away from home. The first week or two were very rough for all of us, but the teachers and staff were wonderful and helped her to adjust very quickly. We were so relieved to know our daughter was treated with love and respect. School is what she loves now and always comes home with a smile!

This is a true Montessori school with a healthy emphasis on learning and fun. The teachers are phenomenal and have been there for years. They want each child to be independent but also caring to other children. We were constantly amazed by the changes our daughter went through after going to school here. I can’t imagine a more nurturing and challenging environment and know her transition to 1st grade next year is going to be flawless because of it! Unfortunately, we would be saying good bye to this special place. I would strongly recommend this school to any parent. Evelyn Lara Aug. 2013

We love Step by Step!

I visited 6 schools in the Concord/Pleasant Hill area and this was heads and shoulders above the rest. My daughter has been attending for 8 months and is in Ms. Martha’s class.

She had a very rough transition at first because she had just turned 2 and had been staying home with me since birth. All of the teachers and Ms. Marzi were so loving and helpful with her when she was upset. Ms. Rachel would pick her up and “distract” her by showing her a bug (my daughter loves bugs) or by walking her around to look at things or to see her classmates. Ms. Marzi would come right over to be sure my daughter felt happy and comfortable.

I love how everyone greets us with a smile and a “good morning” at drop off. There is an incredibly welcoming, warm vibe to the place. I am happy that it’s limited to the 2 classrooms, because all of the children get to know each other. I like that there is time for all the kids to play together on the playground.

Ms. Martha is incredible. My daughter is starting to learn phonics and loves all the little projects (“work”). She can’t stop talking about what “job” she did that day (calendaring, water plants, storyteller, rug monitor) and now likes to help with little chores around the house. She is always singing new songs and I’m amazed by how much her vocabulary is expanding. My daughter loves Ms. Martha!

Ms. Rachel is very organized and friendly. She clearly knows how to challenge each child to their level and gives each individual attention.

Ms. Marzi is an approachable, responsive and attentive director. She is really amazing with all the kids, loving and patient. She always has a smile on her face and talks to the children in a warm and positive tone.

Most of the other schools we looked at didn’t have lunchtime at school for part-time. My daughter has learned so many great table manners sitting with her friends. I like that I get to pack her lunch so I select what she’s eating. The morning snacks the school provides are always healthy and fresh (they even got her to eat broccoli!!).

I love all the events this school has for the families- cultural night, graduation night, mother’s day tea. All the families we’ve met through these events have been very friendly.

The parent-teacher conferences have been a great way to connect with my child’s teacher and learn what she is working on. I love the progress report we get every other month or so.

They did a program where the kids would get new books to borrow every week. My daughter loved reading all the new books and it was a good reminder about how important it is to read to her every day.

I also love that they had a dentist come visit and talk to the kids. Brushing my child’s teeth got a lot easier after that day! They recently also had someone come to check their vision. Really great!

I can’t say enough about how much we love this school! J.J Concord


We knew this was the preschool for our son when we met the Director, Miss Marzi. Her energy seemed very kind but also wise, as she gave us a tour around the preschool. We explained that our son had Type 1 diabetes and that he would need extra care. She said simply that they would learn whatever was necessary to care for him. And learn they did! We trained the staff, and we now feel he receives superior care for his diabetes while at preschool. My husband and I were also very impressed that each teacher had so many years of experience at Step by Step–more than 7 each for Miss Marzi, Miss Martha (who teaches the 2-3 year olds), and Miss Rachel (who teaches the 4-6 year olds)! We also appreciated that Step by Step was a Montessori school that emphasized doing things for themselves, freedom within limits, and honoring each child’s natural sense of development. Now, at almost 2 years since he started, we’re very happy that our son goes to Step by Step Montessori Preschool.Lisa H.Clayton

Kids are still allowed to be kids

we love this school. Our daughter has been there for about 6 months, and we have been thrilled by the experience. It’s pretty amazing when your 2 year old can tell you all 7 continents, tell you the birthdays of all her classmates, and actually wants to go to school! The teachers are wonderful, the units that they study are interesting, and the facility is clean and well maintained. We liked the way that the Montessori methods are taught, but that the kids are still allowed to “be kids” and run and play in a safe and happy environment. Looking forward to our other children attending when they are old enough!

It is a very diverse school

we love this school. Our daughter has been going here since she was 2, and she is going to be going to kindergarten this fall. We feel like she is very prepared, socially, academically, physically because of the education and play that she experienced at SBS. It is a very diverse school as well, which is great for teaching her tolerance of other cultures and people at a young age. I love the fact that she also has exposure to the Spanish language as part of her every day schooling. It is clean, organized and friendly too!

Have close bonds with all of the children

both of my boys (4 and 2 1/2) have been attending Step By Step Montessori for almost a year. I love the smaller aspect of the school, the curriculum and most of all the teachers. They are very nurturing and caring and have close bonds with all of the children. This is important to me as I want my children to learn in a safe, challenging, but also loving environment. I like the integrated classes (2’s & 3’s, 4’s & 5’s) because my children get to learn from their older peers and demonstrate leadership and guidance with their younger peers. Aside from the ABC’s, numbers and writing they also learn about how to care for themselves and each other and have jobs assigned to them to teach responsibility and accountability. I like the well rounded curriculum that the school provides and I know my children love the teachers. We rarely leave without hugs and kisses goodbye!

I love the curriculum

Step By Step is a wonderful school. My son has been attending only 7 months now, but I can’t imagine sending him anywhere else. He loves the teachers and enjoys the activities. I love the curriculum and all of the new things he shares with me each week. Not only has he learned ABC’s, counting, geography, etc. but he demonstrates improved manners and self-reliance. The Montessori approach is amazing and this school is phenomenal!

The very best teachers and environment

My daughter has been attending Step by Step for almost a year, and she has learned so much more than I ever thought at 2 year old could learn in preschool. The teachers are warm, caring, and experienced. They truly love teaching–it is not just a job for them. They also truly love the kids. I am a teacher, so I am very picky about what school I put my child in. After an exhaustive search that included much more expensive Montessori schools, I found Step by Step to be a great combination of Montessori curriculum and “let them be a kid” thinking. It’s learning without pressure, without rigidity. My almost three year old is already learning to read and can speak and sing several songs in Spanish–all while having fun at school! I highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a quality preschool for their 2 to 6 year old.

We love the small class sizes

our oldest child absolutely loved attending Step-by-Step and our middle child is currently attending and loves it also. We love the small class sizes and the loving, caring feel of the school. The curriculum is wonderful and true to the Montessori tradition teaching basic reading, writing and math, as well as science, geography, cultural studies and life skills. Our oldest child is now in Kindergarten where he is excelling due to the great preparation he received at Step-by-Step. Our baby girl will be attending also when she’s old enough so she too can benefit from this exceptional school and staff.

Kids all adore being there

our oldest daughter has been at Step By Step since she was three. She’s now 5 and going to Kindergarten in the fall and we have nothing but great things to say about the school, the facilities, the teachers, and the friends both my daughter and I have met there. My youngest (turning 3) will be starting here in the Fall as well – I can’t imagine taking her anywhere else. The teachers are very attentive to the needs of the children as well as to the parents. If you ever need something or have a question you can talk right to the teacher or the Director. It’s very re-assuring to have a strong relationship with the people who your children spend so much time with! Other reviewers hit the nail right on the head when they explained how this school offers ample amount of academics while still allowing our little ones to just be kids. This preschool has been invaluable for our daughter and I am excited for my youngest to benefit from the school as well. The teachers have such loving and tender ways of teaching and the kids all adore being there. There are multiple events at the school throughout the year that really offer a sense of community for the school. A great example is today, my girls and I are headed to a Mother’s Day Tea held at the school. It’s the sweetest thing! I could go on and on about our wonderful experiences here! LenDee Q. Concord

The director is very responsive

I love this school! My 5 year old has gone there since she was 2 and my 3 year old attends as well. The teachers are friendly, wonderful with the children, and strike a good balance between academics and letting the kids be kids. The director is very responsive to all concerns and questions and addresses them immediately. I really feel valued as a parent. And the tuition is very reasonable. My kids LOVE going to school!

kids having so much fun

My 3 year old son started Step By Step Montessori a few weeks ago and we’re already very happy with the teachers, the environment, and how fast they’ve became involved with all aspects of teaching and learning. Since I enter the school, I saw a especial quality in the way the Director addressed my son. The other day, He was already singing “Twinkle, twinkle, little star…” by himself and saying new words. In the backyard, they have many games and little cars you can see all the kids having so much fun. I would definitively recommend this pre-school to all families.

Progress socially and academically

Step by Step Montessori is an excellent school with dedicated teachers and exceptional curriculum. My 2 ½ year old daughtershave been attending for 6 months and it has really helped her progress socially and academically. I would highly recommend this school to other parents looking for a structured learning environment for their children.

The big difference SBSM made

we love SBSM! Our son started Step by Step when he was 4 years old and has grown in so many ways that we cannot stop raving about it with family or friends. The school has a strong focus on education, culture awareness, social skills, and provides a fun loving environment. Shortly after our son began we started noticing the big difference SBSM made in his learning experience. Each day our son would recount his day about the different countries in geography studies, singing Spanish songs, watching little baby chicks hatch, learning how many moons surround Saturn to how to be a role model to the younger children in class. In addition, the teachers at Step by Step are warm and you can see how much they care about the children. It’s truly is amazing when your child comes home happy, inspired and can’t wait to go to school the next day! If you want a great experience for you and your child, I highly recommend Step by Step to any parent.

Knows all his continents

my son has been attending Step by Step for almost a year now. I am always amazed at how much he has learned. He is only 3 years old and can read over 10 words and knows all his continents. He has also learned to play well with other children and has become much more independent.

Developed a solid understanding

Our 3 year old daughter has been attending Step By Step Montessori for a year now, and her development has been remarkable. From the very caring and loving teachers, to a strong, task-oriented individual and group teaching focus, our daughter has mastered basic tasks and skills, and has developed an understanding of using those mastered skills to build on for more complex tasks. She has developed a solid understanding of cause and effect, is speaking a ton and loves to apply her skills around the house to help with chores. Let’s not even mention learning how to spell basic words, including her name, and how to properly count and understand basic math principles. In short, she is well on her way to mastering Kindergarten level material before ever attending it. We could not be more pleased with this school, the wonderful teachers, and Miss Marzi’s loving direction.

You are part of a family

Our 3 year old daughter has been attending Step By Step Montessori for a year now, and her development has been remarkable. From the very caring and loving teachers, to a strong, task-oriented individual and group teaching focus, our daughter has mastered basic tasks and skills, and has developed an understanding of using those mastered skills to build on for more complex tasks. She has developed a solid understanding of cause and effect, is speaking a ton and loves to apply her skills around the house to help with chores. Let’s not even mention learning how to spell basic words, including her name, and how to properly count and understand basic math principles. In short, she is well on her way to mastering Kindergarten level material before ever attending it. We could not be more pleased with this school, the wonderful teachers, and Miss Marzi’s loving direction.

Tremendous asset for our family

my daughter has been going to Step-by-Step since she was 2, and she absolutely loves it there. When we first started looking for a school, we had a hard time finding the right one, because every school we went to had 1 or 2 things that we just really did not like. That was until we went to visit Step-by-Step. From the moment we walked into the door, it felt like the right fit. My daughter even went and gave the Director a hug, which she had never done before. The open classroom setting and integrated play times with all the different ages helps all the kids to develop quickly, even with potty training. My child is extremely creative and has a ton of energy. Step-by-Step has been able to use these basic characteristics in helping her develop her skills. All of the teachers truly care about their students, and you can feel that energy. My little girl looks forward to going to school every day to learn new things. I would recommend this school for anyone.
Step by Step Montessori has been a tremendous asset for our family. After just one school year, my son has developed an amazing set of skills ranging from quantity recognition, to geographic identification, to fine motors skills. All of this growth from a two year old! The children love the teachers, as do the parents. He looks forward to going to school each day to see his friends and teachers. At first I enrolled my son hoping they would be at least as good as staying home, now I drop him off each day knowing he’s exposed to much more than I could offer him myself. Step by Step is a gemstone!

Foster learning from the beginning

I have two kids at this school–my 5 year old has attended since she was 2, and my 3 year old started last June. I love this school! It’s a great mix of academics and letting kids be kids! The teachers all love the students and love teaching–you can tell they take pride in what they do. They are very positive with the children and really foster learning from the beginning. The director is very attentive and listens to any concerns or questions that the parents have and addresses them right away.
What I love most of all is the diversity that is embraced there. Every April we have a Cultural Fair, where everyone brings a dish from their ethnic or cultural background, and the children usually perform. It’s the best night of the year!
To top it all off, it’s reasonably priced compared with other Montessori schools in the area. I’ll be sad when my daughter has to leave in the fall, but my son still has another few years at SBS!!

Watched baby chicks hatch

I love this Preschool. My daughter has thrived here. First with Miss Martha as her 2-3 year old teacher, then With Miss Rachel as her 4-6 year old teacher. If I have ever needed something or had any questions I can talk right to the teachers or the Director Miss Marzi. I love that they always welcome the kids as the walk in the door. I also love all of the school projects they do. They recently watched baby chicks hatch from their eggs!! My daughter loved it!! My son is turning 2 this summer and he will be going to Step By Step. If you are looking for a fun and loving place for your child to go this is the place.