my daughter has been going to Step-by-Step since she was 2, and she absolutely loves it there. When we first started looking for a school, we had a hard time finding the right one, because every school we went to had 1 or 2 things that we just really did not like. That was until we went to visit Step-by-Step. From the moment we walked into the door, it felt like the right fit. My daughter even went and gave the Director a hug, which she had never done before. The open classroom setting and integrated play times with all the different ages helps all the kids to develop quickly, even with potty training. My child is extremely creative and has a ton of energy. Step-by-Step has been able to use these basic characteristics in helping her develop her skills. All of the teachers truly care about their students, and you can feel that energy. My little girl looks forward to going to school every day to learn new things. I would recommend this school for anyone.
Step by Step Montessori has been a tremendous asset for our family. After just one school year, my son has developed an amazing set of skills ranging from quantity recognition, to geographic identification, to fine motors skills. All of this growth from a two year old! The children love the teachers, as do the parents. He looks forward to going to school each day to see his friends and teachers. At first I enrolled my son hoping they would be at least as good as staying home, now I drop him off each day knowing he’s exposed to much more than I could offer him myself. Step by Step is a gemstone!