We knew this was the preschool for our son when we met the Director, Miss Marzi. Her energy seemed very kind but also wise, as she gave us a tour around the preschool. We explained that our son had Type 1 diabetes and that he would need extra care. She said simply that they would learn whatever was necessary to care for him. And learn they did! We trained the staff, and we now feel he receives superior care for his diabetes while at preschool. My husband and I were also very impressed that each teacher had so many years of experience at Step by Step–more than 7 each for Miss Marzi, Miss Martha (who teaches the 2-3 year olds), and Miss Rachel (who teaches the 4-6 year olds)! We also appreciated that Step by Step was a Montessori school that emphasized doing things for themselves, freedom within limits, and honoring each child’s natural sense of development. Now, at almost 2 years since he started, we’re very happy that our son goes to Step by Step Montessori Preschool.Lisa H.Clayton