Picking a pre-school for your child can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. It’s their first experience in school and away from us, and we want to make sure that our little ones are in good hands. I can honestly say, Step by Step understands how important this is for every parent and has made the transition for all of us easier than what we thought. Step by Step has proven to be the best school in the area.

Our daughter has been at Step by Step for almost three years now and have found it to be a wonderful experience. She was just barely three years old and we were worried about how she would adjust to being away from home. The first week or two were very rough for all of us, but the teachers and staff were wonderful and helped her to adjust very quickly. We were so relieved to know our daughter was treated with love and respect. School is what she loves now and always comes home with a smile!

This is a true Montessori school with a healthy emphasis on learning and fun. The teachers are phenomenal and have been there for years. They want each child to be independent but also caring to other children. We were constantly amazed by the changes our daughter went through after going to school here. I can’t imagine a more nurturing and challenging environment and know her transition to 1st grade next year is going to be flawless because of it! Unfortunately, we would be saying good bye to this special place. I would strongly recommend this school to any parent. Evelyn Lara Aug. 2013